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We have compared the top UK Smokeless Cigarettes on the market including price, flavor, company stability and ease of use. After much scrutiny here are our top picks for the UK market.
#1 South Beach Smoke
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice WOW, Only $29 For a Limited Time! Here is a company that is very confident about their product saving you $50 of their regular price. The South Beach Electronic Cigarette saves you up to 75% off the cost of normal cigarettes and still gives you the same pleasure without the tar, ash, smell and stigma you get from smelly tobacco. Activate $50 Discount HERE

COUPON: Purchases the Deluxe Kit with Home Delivery Program (Normal Price is $49.99) using coupon code SMKE10D and receive $10 off your order.

Technology: Their Deluxe E-Cigarettes have the best technology available featuring the original patented 2 part technology (battery component and atomized filter) and offers the industry's best smoking experience.

TOP PICK: With unmatched pleasure, a 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and worldwide shipping, South Beach Smoke is hands down the top pick for electronic cigarettes.

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#1 Green Smoke UK
The Green Smoke UK smokeless cigarette offers the best satisfaction, most vapor and best flavor of the bunch. It is also one of a few with a coupon code. Simply enter "disc10-2977 " without the quotes in the shopping cart at checkout and you will receive your 10% off. Green Smoke UK allows you to adjust the nicotine levels in the vapor and offers different cartridges with varying amounts of nicotine. The two piece smokeless cigarette system is easy to use and the cartridges recharge quickly. One cartridge is equal to about 1.5 packs of standard tobacco cigarettes. Green Smoke UK smokeless cigarettes allow you to adjust the nicotine intake based on your individual preference. The cartridges come in nicotine strengths of 8 mg, 6 mg, and 4 mg. The different strengths are comparable to Lambert & Butler Filter Kings, Mayfair and Marlboro Lights respectively.
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#2 Nucig

The Nucig Electronic UK Cigarette is a high-tech electronic cigarette that looks, tastes and feels like a real cigarette without all the smoke and tar in your lungs. The Nucig Electronic Cigarette utilizes the very latest technology and is sized and styled just like a normal pack of tobacco cigarettes to reproduce the realism of natural smoking. This is the only brand that offers Gloss pink for the ladies, Gloss black for the distinctive user. Each set has tips that glow green or blue to let people know that you are not producing second hand smoke.

You can smoke the Nucig Smokeless Cigarette anywhere you like, even in places where smoking is not permitted. Like other Electronic Cigarettes, Nucig Smokeless cigarettes are cheaper than regular cigarettes and the starter kit is only £26.99 Nucig offers free shipping to the UK and Ireland and money back guarantee. Now that is a company that backs it's product.

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#3 Smart Smoker
Smart Smoker UK really stands out in the electronic cigarette crowd. The starter kits are priced competitively and are on average 80% cheaper than normal cigarettes, has no carcinogenic or cancerous toxins and is legal to smoke in public areas. There is no lighting, no burning, and no tar or second hand smoke. You will live a cleaner healthier lifestyle as there are no ashtrays, cigarette butts, no horrible smells and no air pollution. Also with the different strengths available in their cartridges, you can lower the strength of nicotine over time.Smart Smoker renewable nicotine cartridges are available in 4 strengths, Normal, Medium, Low and no nicotine. Their starter kits offer everything you need to start your electronic cigarette experience from only £39.99
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#4 NJOY Electronic Cigarettes
The Njoy UK electronic cigarette comes in two different styles, the NPRO and the NCIG. Overall, the Njoy products are priced lower than their competitors and offer a pleasurable experience for the user. The starter kit comes with two rechargeable electronic batteries, an atomiser , a home charging unit and 5 Njoy electronic refill cartridges. The Npro is a very good and smooth cigarette and is one of the best selling e-cigarettes today. They offer 5 different flavors including vanilla, apple and strawberry and a variety pack. This is a matter of taste and we recommend you try all products and you will find the one you like.
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