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Green Smoke Review and Green Smoke Coupon Code

Electronic Cigar Reviews-
#1 Green Smoke  
The Green Smoke electronic cigarette product has in my opinion the most vapor of all of them with the most flavor.  It is also the only one I know of with a coupon code.  Simply enter “disc10-2977 ” without the quotes in the shopping cart at checkout and you will receive your 10% off.  Green Smoke allows you to choose the amount of nicotine in the vapor and offers cartridges with changeable amounts of nicotine.  The cartridges are easy to use, recharge quickly and 1 cartridge is comparable to about 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes. Changing the Green Smoke cartridge is easy, just screw off the old one and screw on the new one and you are ready to go.  Green Smoke smokeless cigarettes allow you to adjust the nicotine intake based on your individual preference. Green Smoke cartridges come in nicotine strengths of 8 mg, 6 mg, and 4 mg. The varied strengths are comparable to Marlboro red, light and ultra light respectively.
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