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Smokeless Delite Review

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#3 Smokeless Delite

Smokeless Delite really stands out in the electronic cigarette crowd. The refill cartridges are great and easy to use and have a built in atomizer so you never have to worry about your atomizer dying. The Smokeless Delite cigarettes smoke good the first time and every time. Smokeless Delite also gives you more cigarettes for you money compared to 15 per pack from the competitors. Generally you pay about half of what you would with conventional tobacco cigarettes.
The Premo Edition electronic cigarette Starter Kit by Smokeless Delite is about the size of an actual cigarette in length. The Premo edition electronic cigarette Kit by Smokeless Delite is a great way to start getting around those annoying smoking bans. The Premo electronic cigarette kit comes ready to use right out of the box. You do not need to purchase additional electronic cigarette hardware unless additional e-cigarette accessories are desired.

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